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Ground is an open-source, vendor-neutral data context service under development in UC Berkeley’s RISE Lab. Data context is all of the information surrounding the use of data in an organization, and Ground enables users to understand what data they have, who is using that data, when and how data is changing, and to & from where the data is moving. We believe that data context services are broadly applicable, including use cases in data inventory, model-specific interpretation, workflow reproducibility, interoperability, and collective governance. Ground is based on a versioned, graph data model. To learn more about the design principles behind Ground, please look at our CIDR 2017 publication.

The Ground project is a community effort and includes collaborators from Capital One, Awake Networks, Skyhigh Networks, LinkedIn, Cloudera, and Trifacta.

Getting Started

We currently do not have any releases for the project. To get started with the project, you can download and build from source:

$ git clone
$ cd ground
$ mvn clean package -DskipTests
# start the server; configuration options can be found in conf/config.yml
$ java -jar target/ground-0.1-SNAPSHOT.jar server conf/config.yml


The project is currently in a pre-alpha stage. We welcome any and all input, contributions, and feedback. The easiest way to get in touch is to open an issue on Github or to submit a pull request. You can also email vikrams AT berkeley DOT edu.

You can find a list of open issues on the Ground JIRA.